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Understanding Perimenopause: The Before, During...

Doctors refer to perimenopause as the transition to menopause. Women who notice perimenopause signs may expect menopause to set in within a few years, but menopause onset can take as long as 10 years after perimenopause signs start to manifest.

Sarcopenia: What Is It and What Can We Do About...

Once age-related muscle loss becomes severe the condition is labeled sarcopenia. About 30% of people become sarcopenic. Adverse health consequences can result from even a modest loss of muscle.

Can Male and Female Pattern Baldness Be Cured?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, 50% of men and a large number of women start showing signs of hair loss by age 40. By understanding the causes of hair loss, you can determine which hair loss treatments are actually worth the money and plan out the best strategy for combating pattern baldness.

8 Causes of Ptosis and What You Can Do About It

When one or both of your eyelids droop, it is known as ptosis. This condition is not a disease itself, but is actually a sign of another issue that needs to be identified by a medical professional. Here are eight causes of ptosis and what you can do about it.

It’s Time to Re-Think Menopause!

Menopause—also known as “climacteric” or “the change of life”—is the time when the ovaries stop producing sex hormones estrogen and progesterone that regulate menstruation. Discover what to expect, as well as tips to making the transition as easy as possible.

Getting Rid of Varicose Veins: Treatment and Pr...

Large veins that are often visible through the skin, varicose veins affect up to 35% of Americans. More common in females and older patients, they can cause distress, discomfort and even pose a long-term risk to patients’ health.

Let’s Talk About the Effects of Stress

The effects of stress take a toll on our physical and mental health. Dealing with stressors effectively is a longevity prerequisite. Read on for the complete stress picture.

5 Ways to Increase the Size of Your Brain

Aging takes its toll on brain size. The average brain is said to shrink by about 5% per decade after the age of 40. Here are some lifestyle changes that may help to increase the size of your brain.

What Science Can Tell Us About the Mental Benef...

Yoga is now fully entrenched in the mainstream. It’s a way of life, and we’ve got news for you—it’s most definitely for you! Learn all about the mental benefits of yoga and start optimizing your health with this ancient mind-body modality today.