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Boost athletic performance by increasing peak physical strength and endurance while also improving focus and concentration.

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  • Improve Muscle Performance
  • Enhance Mental Clarity & Concentration
  • Reduce Fatigue & Dehydration 
  • Minimize Recovery Times
  • 100% Science-Backed
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Enhance & Extend Peak Athletic Performance with just 1 scoop a day!

Boost performance and maintain muscle and tissue strength now with Perform's 8 types of Amino Acids that promote strength, focus & endurance for peak athletic performance.


L-leucine contributes to both muscle recovery and energy production within muscle tissue. Moreover, leucine promotes the growth and repair of bone tissue, stimulates growth hormone production and insulin secretion, and speeds wound healing.


Phenylalanine is as the precursor of the amino acid tyrosine that affect mood, focus, and other facets of cognitive function. In addition, it may help reduce food cravings and lead to more sustainable weight loss.


L-Isoleucine assists in blood clotting and wound healing. In addition, isoleucine helps regulate both energy and blood sugar levels, aids in muscle repair, and assists the body in recovering from strenuous exercise.


L-Valine is necessary for tissue repair, muscle metabolism, and blood sugar control. It also assists in supporting the immune and central nervous systems as well as normal cognitive function. Moreover, valine helps regulate the body’s nitrogen balance, which is an important indicator of overall health.


L-Lysine ensures appropriate intestinal absorption of calcium and assists the immune system. Lysine is also required for tissue repair and the building of collagen, and helps maintain the strength of artery walls. Moreover, lysine has been shown to reduce stress-induced anxiety and diarrhea and may even protect the gut.


L-histidine is involved in tissue repair and maintenance of the body’s pH, as well as synthesis of the protein in red blood cells. Moreover, histidine helps maintain the myelin sheaths that protect nerve cells in the central nervous system, and it protects tissues from damage by both radiation and heavy metals.


Threonine helps support the cardiovascular, immune, and central nervous systems and is a precursor for the creation of muscle tissue, collagen, and elastin. Threonine also helps build robust bones and tooth enamel, assists in the metabolism of fatty acids, promotes wound healing, and aids in the prevention of fat accumulation in the liver.


Methionine helps strengthen joints and help ease arthritis symptoms. Methionine is also essential for the absorption and bioavailability of the minerals selenium and zinc. Moreover, it aids in the detoxification and excretion of chemicals such as lead and mercury and helps the liver metabolize fats.

How AminoCo
Perform Works

EASY AS 1-2-3!

Drink Perform 3x Daily

Simply mix 1 scoop of Perform powder into any hot or cold flavored drink or water. Mix with your 8 oz of water, your favorite sports drink or a smoothie with it and enjoy!

Enjoy the Essential Amino Acids Benefits

Perform promotes muscle performance during exercise, enhance mental clarity and concentration, reduce fatigue and dehydration, and minimize recovery times.

Feel Boost Performance

From your body to your mind, you'll notice the difference as you make Perform a daily routine (Begin drinking 30 minutes before exercise and continue using throughout activity).


These people love their results, and you will too.


Health Concerns: Endurance, focus, strength

“I look forward to working out because I know I get to enjoy my Perform shake. I have way more stamina and strength and don’t feel drained after my workout.”


Health Concerns: Concentration, energy

“I recently took on a management position and my workload has increased. I take Perform to help me get through my hectic days with focus and steady energy. Then, I still have energy for workouts later at night. It works great!”


Health Concerns: Recovery, stamina

“I’m a HIIT instructor and I depend on Perform to fuel me through 4 HIIT workouts a day and help me recover faster so I don’t have to take a day off and lose out on money. Thanks, Perform!”


Health Concerns: Concentration, energy

“I recently took on a management position and my workload has increased. I take Perform to help me get through my hectic days with focus and steady energy. Then, I still have energy for workouts later at night. It works great!”

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Patent Protected

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Perform has been a game-changer to my daily routine. The boost of energy and mental focus I feel out on the pitch is consistent.

Michael Cunningham of FC Tulsa
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