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Heart & muscle strength for healthy, active aging

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As We Age

Why We Need Essential Amino Acids

There’s a lot of fuss about health as we age, but for most people, it’s a bit of a mystery. As we age, the way protein is used in the body starts to change, and the optimal amino acid profile to maximize muscle health changes as well.

Now, the signs of protein deficiency can be different for different people… but if you’ve ever struggled with muscle loss, unwanted weight gain, hair loss, decreased immunity, broken bones, brain fogginess, or even skin issues, protein deficiency could be the reason why.

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs), what make up the protein, can be targeted in precise formulas to meet your changing metabolic needs.

Essential Amino Acids - The Building Blocks Of Proteins

Amino Co Life - A Patented Blend Of Essential Amino Acids

Many people try to gain muscle by eating food high in protein, but foods with lots of protein only partially turns into usable protein in the body.

For example, eggs give the body only 48% of usable protein, and beef only gives the body 32%. This means that even eating food extremely high in protein, doesn't give the body what it needs to build muscle. As we age, our body utilizes even less of the usable protein in foods. And when that happens, it just goes to waste, by turning the protein into sugar and fat.

Approach to a STRONG HEART

Amino Co Life Can Help

The product, called Life from The Amino Company, was invented by a team of medical researchers led by a former Harvard professor. This idea was originally developed by future Amino Company scientists to help NASA astronauts maintain muscle when in zero-gravity. Since this discovery, hunderds of studies have been done on Life. These studies show that Life has a whole host of benefits:

  • It helps with maintenance of muscle and heart strength
  • It enhances physical funsction and muscle strength
  • It improves blood lipid profiles
  • It supports cardiovascular health

In a clinical trial at a major university, Life was compared to a placebo, protein supplements, and exercise. The study subjects were people experiencing normal heart function associated with aging.1

Researchers were astounded when the clinical trial participants taking Life (with no diet or exercise) had better physical function test results then even those in the exercise group!1

On top of that, people taking Life had lowered their cholesterol and triglycerides, which no other study group had done.1

We have optimized the EAA profile in Life to target the metabolic needs of 40+ year olds and support key components of healthy aging.

A healthy lipid profile is the benchmark used by doctors to measure heart and cardiovascular health. Essential amino acids have been shown to have a favorable impact on triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Our patented EAA blend helps to strengthen the heart, increase blood flow, and maintain healthy blood pressure levels already in the normal range.

Amino Co Life

  • What Is It?
  • What's In It?
  • What to Expect

Life is a patented blend of Essential Amino Acids, what make up the proteins in our body, in precise formulas to help maintain muscle and heart strength, enhance physical function, improve blood lipid profiles and support cardiovascular health.

Another added bonus to Life is that it's more than just a health blend. It's a science-backed formula that was originally developed by scientists to help NASA astronauts to maintain muscle when in zero-gravity. This discovery is not only building and maintaining muscle mass, but also help your body trigger collagen production and lose weight.

Prevent Natural Decline of Muscle & Heart Function With One Serving*

Muscle Growth

More than 3 times more efficient at triggering muscle growth and repair than any other protein source

Healthy Heart

Help maintain healthy triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels already in the normal range

Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

Support healthy blood flow and help preserve heart strength and function

Physical Function

Improve physical function, strength, and mobility in people with normal age-related decline

More Is Better

Clinical trials show muscle and heart benefits increase the more you take! For best results, use up to 3 scoops for every dose.

Easy & Convenient

Simply mix a scoop of powder with 8 oz of water and enjoy. You can also mix into your favorite sports drink or a smoothie.

Target Metabolic Needs

Life works by triggering muscle protein synthesis, which is the body’s mechanism for repairing and building muscle.

Consistency Is Key

For best results, make amino acids part of your regular workout and game-time routine. This convenient powder ensures you’ll be at your best when it matters most.

The Amino Co Guarantee

Give us a try today. If, for any reason, you don’t like us or our products, simply contact our support team within 60 days and we’ll happily refund you 100% of your payment. It’s our way of making sure you’re completely happy with your purchase.


Heart & muscle strength for healthy, active aging
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What People Are Saying About Amino Co

"I like to know that I will fully recover from my workouts, so I appreciate all the essential amino acids in LIFE. It is part of my daily routine. As a doctor and an athlete, I recommend this as part of a balanced plan to stay healthy."

Adam J. Story, DC

Real Reviews from Real Amino Co Customers


Health Concerns: Aging, muscle loss

“Life has helped me regain my energy and my muscles. I’m turning 55 this year, and I’ve never looked or felt better.”


Health Concerns: Cholesterol control, blood pressure management, physical strength

“I’ve always battled high blood pressure, but when I got my lipid profile back and saw I had high cholesterol too, I knew I needed help. Life has brought both numbers down and I feel stronger than ever!"


Health Concerns: Aging, heart health

“I look to Life to help me age my best and keep my heart strong.’”

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    Scott D.Verified Buyer


    I am 70 years old. I get up and drink PERFORM each morning. I then walk two miles 3 to 5 times a week. The walk is up and down as we live in the foothills of Tujunga, CA. I was amazed at how much more vibrant and energized this product makes me feel during my walks and work out routine. I intend to try other prodcuts that The Amino Company offers.

    Edgar C.Verified Buyer


    It seems just as good as anything else until I noticed that my muscles are getting leaner. In just 2 months, my workload has increased and the size of my muscles grew visibly. It has really intensified my workout and made my biceps stronger and harder. Awesome!

    Fabian N.Verified Buyer

    Take this Regularly

    This product is best taken regularly. Unlike other workout drinks, this product has the best ingredients for my daily needs. It boosts my energy, alertness, and immune system. Whatever I do for the day, whether it be for work or exercise, I have full stamina and strength to finish strong. Great supplement.

    Troy K.Verified Buyer


    This is the best fat-burner. I've been doing CrossFit exercises and it supports my fitness program. It intensifies my workout, so I can do more reps and burn more calories. It also enhances my metabolism so I can remove toxins in my body immediately. This is the best formula to lose weight.

    Garrett H.Verified Buyer

    Regulates Heart Rate

    What I love about PERFORM is it regulates my heart rate as my routine gets tough. I'm trying to lose weight to avoid more health complications in my body. I was struggling to do intense workouts because of my blood pressure. When I started taking PERFORM, my body temperature and blood pressure are regulated all throughout my performance. I get to push my body and maximize my movements without risking my heart.

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