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What Is Purity?

Purity is an essential amino acid-based formulation that has been shown in clinical trials to help reduce liver fat levels while working to maintain healthy liver enzyme levels.

Rated 4.9 Stars By 411 Satisfied Customers

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Clinical Benefits

Help reduce and maintain healthy liver fat levels in the normal range

Protect against liver and kidney oxidative damage with N-acetyl cysteine

Maintain a healthy level of liver enzymes for optimal liver function

Build antioxidant levels throughout the body

Using Purity Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Easy & Convenient

Simply mix a scoop of powder with water and enjoy. Or, mix into your favorite smoothie. Check out our favorite Amino Acid Smoothie recipes.

More is Better

Clinical trials show the benefits increase with the amount of product taken. For bestresults, take up to 2 scoops at one time.

Consistency is Key

Maintain a healthy body for the long haul by making amino acids a part of your daily routine. This safe and convenient powder is easy to enjoy any time of day.

Rated 4.9 Stars By 411 Satisfied Customers

The Science

Purity is designed to accelerate the export of fat triglycerides out of the liver, which reduces overall liver fat levels and helps maintain healthy liver enzyme levels.

Clinical Trials

The liver is vital to all metabolic processes in the body, and is primarily responsible for removing toxins, processing nutrients from food, breaking down fats, and building proteins.

  • Liver fat naturally increases as we age, even in healthy people with low alcohol use.
  • Rising liver fat levels can disrupt vital liver functions which is why maintaining healthy liver fat levels is crucial to long-term health. Liver fat levels typically begin rising by age 30, and start to accelerate around age 50.
  • This is accelerated even further with heavy alcohol consumption.

Purity is designed to trigger the export of fat triglycerides out of the liver, which reduces overall liver fat levels.

  • Clinical trials have shown our patented EAA mixture dramatically reduces liver fat levels when taken consistently over a 16-week period.
  • The study looked at liver fat levels in volunteers at baseline and after 8 and 16 weeks of therapy. The data was then compared to existing research data for other fat loss products, and was proven to be superior.
  • Our patented EAA mixture was shown to cut liver fat levels in half, while other leading products have very little effect.

Liver serum levels are markers of liver health because these enzymes are released in response to damage, so serum levels rise when liver health deteriorates.

  • In a clinical trial, N-Acetyl Cystine was shown to improve liver serum levels.
  • Subjects were randomly selected to receive either N-acetylcysteine or vitamin C treatment. Three types of liver serum levels were measured over a 3-month period: aspartate transaminase (AST), alanine transaminase (ALT), and alkaline phosphatase (ALP).
  • After 3 months, N-Acetyl Cysteine was shown to improve liver function test results by up to 36% across these three different types of liver serum.

Our Customers are Already Seeing Results!

Estelle W

“Our liver plays a big role in our digestive system. To protect it, I drink PURITY day and night. This product prevents fat buildup and improves liver function. It lowers and maintains liver enzymes to keep the liver away from complications and diseases. Incredible!”

Emelia G.

Nothing can match this
“I can't think of any liver supplement better than PURITY. This supplement contains powerful ingredients to optimize liver function. It increases metabolism and promotes weight loss. I was able to manage my weight because of this product. Now, my liver enzyme has improved as well as my cholesterol level and blood pressure. This has done so much for me. I'll continue to drink it.”

Ophelia C.

Really Impressed!
“The fats started to build up in my liver when I gained weight. I got depressed and became addicted to sweets. I couldn't eat without having soda on the side. My appetite changed when I started taking PURITY. It fills me with protein to help me lose weight. It also controls my sweet cravings. After 2 months, my liver enzymes went down. I'm really impressed!”

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  • Help reduce liver fat levels
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Customer Reviews

4.9 Based on 411 Reviews
Reviews 411
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  • KC
    Kelsey C.Verified Buyer

    Healthier and Happier

    This product filters the medications that I take for my liver. It supplies my body with the right nutrients and provides me with instant relief for my abdominal pain. I'm drinking this supplement everday and the result is astonishing. I feel that I have much more energy and stamina than before. And most importantly, I feel healthier and happier. Great product!

    Jonah B.Verified Buyer

    Fast delivery

    My last order online was lost in transit. I was very upset so I decided to stop ordering supplements online. When the pandemic came, I didn't have a choice but to start searching for things on the internet. The first supplement that I purchased was from Amino Co. This company delivered my package on time. Since then, I've never had any problem with this company. I just recently bought PURITY and I'm still amazed. The jar was sealed tightly and the delivery went smoothly. the product itself is also astounding. The flavor is addicting and the effects are immense.

    Dalton H.Verified Buyer

    Best ingredients

    This product contains all the best ingredients to support my liver. It has nine essential amino acids to clear bad cholesterol and n-acetyl cysteine to lower liver enzymes. I can really tell the difference by the way my body has changed. I already lost 6 pounds in just 3 weeks without exercise. My body's more inclined to eating vegetables and fruits. This is amazing!

    Milan E.Verified Buyer

    This is the best!

    As a person with bowel issues, this one is the best! It usually takes time for me to eliminate wastes in my body. I used to take laxatives made from powder/capsule, but they always leave me drained. My prayer was answered when I found PURITY. It regulates my bowel movement. It keeps me away from irritation and pain. It gets directly into my system. It works faster than anything I've tried. I'm going to take this for as long as I can!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are amino acids?

    Amino acids play many vital roles throughout the body and are necessary for nearly every physiological function. They are commonly referred to as the building blocks of protein because they attach to one another in long chains to form different types of protein molecules. These protein molecules have a wide array of functions throughout the body, and trigger many of the most important processes needed to stay healthy and thrive.

    I eat lots of high quality protein. Do I need this?

    Yes! Research has shown that taking an essential amino acid supplement triggers muscle protein synthesis to a clinically significant degree, even in people with high-protein diets. Further, EAA supplements have been tested in people with diets rich in high-quality protein and these people have still seen significant benefits. Remember, our supplements have been shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis at least 4x more than any protein source on a gram-for-gram basis. Additionally, our free amino acids are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, whereas protein from food is broken down and digested much more slowly. This fast-acting, potent burst from EAAs is what gives our supplements proven benefits for all diets.

    Do other amino acid companies sell this formula?

    No! All our products are patented or patent-pending, and we never license or sell our technology to 3rd parties. This way we ensure anything you purchase from us is the best possible quality.

    Is this safe?

    Yes! All Amino Co products use ingredients that are Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA and have no demonstrated adverse effects. We have not seen any negative side effects reported in over 100 clinical trials on EAAs. Additionally, Amino Co products will not interfere with other supplements you are taking.

    What is "Subscribe & Save," and can I cancel it?

    If you select the “Subscribe & Save” option at checkout, then congratulations! This is a great way to try our products at a lower price, and you can cancel anytime. You will receive an immediate discount that is automatically applied at checkout, and then you will continue to receive your discount every time a new order ships. Every 30 days from your original order date we will ship you a new order that is the same as your original order. Canceling is easy—just call us at 833-264-6620 or email with your name, phone number, and order number and we’ll take care of the rest.

    Can I take multiple Amino Co products together at the same time?

    Yes! Our product lineup is designed to be taken together, if desired.

    Are there any banned substances in these products?

    No - there are no ingredients banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) or any professional sports leagues in our products. Using Amino Co products will not cause a positive test result for performance enhancing drugs.