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As a 53-year-old manager, I need to sustain my energy until the end of the day. With Life, I still have the stamina to cook for my kids and play with them when I get home. Life is proven to increase muscle mass which is a crucial marker for quality of life in older people. Big help for me!

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Our Guarantee

Here at AminoCo, YOU are our #1 priority. We only use top-grade, pure ingredients to deliver the results you want, fast. However, we know everyone’s body is different. That’s why we back every order with our 60-Day Refund Promise. If, for any reason, you don’t like us or our products, simply contact our support team within 60 days and we’ll happily refund you 100% of your payment. It's our way of making sure you're completely happy with your purchase.

Lab Tested


Made in the USA

Clinical Benefits

More than 3 times more powerful at stimulating muscle growth and repair than any protein source

Help maintain healthy triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels already in the normal range

Help support healthy blood flow with increased nitric oxide production

Improve physical function and strength in people with normal age-related decline

Clinical Trials

After age 40, muscle mass becomes one of the best predictors of total lifespan.
Life is a patented anti-aging blend triggers muscle protein synthesis more efficiently than any protein source.

  • Muscle mass naturally begins to decrease around age 40, which leads to declines in physical abilities and overall quality of life.
  • Studies indicate that muscle mass in older adults is strongly correlated with longevity. According to research data, a person's mortality rate is 34% lower for those in the highest quartile of muscle mass than those in the lowest quartile.
  • This indicates that muscle mass is a crucial marker for survival in older adults and one of the best predictors of total length of life.

As you age, your body becomes less efficient at using protein from food.
Life is a precise formula designed to meet your changing metabolic needs.

  • We have optimized the EAA profile in Life to target the metabolic needs of 40+ year olds and support key components of healthy aging.
  • Life works by triggering muscle protein synthesis, which is the body’s mechanism for repairing and building muscle.
  • When tested against any naturally-occuring protein source, Life is more than 3 times more effective on a gram-for-gram basis at stimulating muscle growth.

As you age, your body becomes less efficient at using protein from food.
Life is a precise formula designed to meet your changing metabolic needs.

  • Life makes it easier to stay active and do the activities you love.
  • Developed by the American Thoracic Society, the 6-minute walk test is the gold standard in physical function tests.
  • Clinical trial participants who used Life twice daily for 16 weeks saw significant physical improvement over every other intervention measured, including exercise.

Using Life Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Easy & Convenient

Simply mix a scoop of powder with water and enjoy. Or, mix into your favorite smoothie.

More is Better

Clinical trials show muscle and heart benefits increase the more you take! For bestresults, take up to 3 scoops at one time.

Consistency is Key

Maintain a healthy body for the long haul by making amino acids a part of your daily routine. This safe and convenient powder is easy to enjoy any time of day.

Rated 4.9 Stars By 1,859 Satisfied Customers

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4.9 Based on 1,859 Reviews
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  • KD
    Kaira D.Verified Buyer

    Good Formulation

    I take Life to help maintain my healthy blood pressure and heart rate.Grape is my favorite flavor, and I look forward to drinking it every morning! Will order again.

    Shivam M.Verified Buyer

    Helps in Overall health

    Unlike any other product, I am very confident in recommending this supplement to my friends because of its natural properties and scientific formulation combined to create a powerful and effective product to increase physical attributes and helps overall health.

    Anjali A.Verified Buyer

    Felt Stronger

    I am 50 years old now and I'm looking for a supplement that has the properties to help maintain my heart and body functions to normal. This supplement has never failed to deliver that. Since I started drinking it I never felt weak or having any heart-related problems. I felt stronger than ever.

    Christy M.Verified Buyer

    Recover faster

    After drinking the supplement for two weeks I can honestly say that the supplement was very effective in boosting overall workout performance. Also has the right combination of vitamins and minerals to heal and recover faster after a tough workout.

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