Nutrition for Knee Surgery Recovery

Heal is our patented remedy for muscle repair, complete with an essential amino acid-based formulation clinically proven to help accelerate muscle repair and growth even during times of physical inactivity, getting you back on your feet faster and stronger.

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Do you want to get back to work and sports quickly after knee surgery?

You are not alone!

Most knee replacement patients are 90% recovered and able to get back to normal activities in 3 months, but 100% recovery may take up to 6 months.

Knee surgery also comes with risks that include blood clots in the leg vein (deep vein thrombosis), blood clots in the lungs, stroke, heart attack, nerve damage, and infection.

What to Expect After Surgery?

After surgery: expect to spend a couple of hours in a recovery room before moving to your hospital room where you will be monitored and given pain medications. You’ll begin your physical therapy ASAP by moving your ankle and foot to boost blood flow to the leg muscles and knee joint and help prevent blood clots and swelling. Your doctor will likely prescribe blood thinners and compression hoses or boots as added protection against clotting and swelling.

Within 24 hours: you will be asked to stand and take a few steps with the aid of a physical therapist or a walker. Physical therapy in the hospital will continue with breathing exercises and an uptick in physical activity. Your physical therapist will teach you rehabilitation exercises for you to continue with at home or at an outpatient center.

1-5 days: doctors will typically discharge you when you can get in and out of bed and walk 100-300 feet with a walker or crutches, and when you can bend their knee 80-90 degrees.

3-6 weeks: the recovery sweet spot for most knee implant patients. Daily activities can be resumed gingerly and you may be able to drive if you’ve regained your pre-surgery reflexes and muscle strength and are not on any narcotic pain meds that would put you or others in danger.

How to Speed Recovery from Knee Replacement Surgery

Recovery rule #1: Follow the guidance of your knee surgeon! That means sticking to weight-bearing guidelines and your rehabilitation program and going to every follow-up appointment.

Recovery rule #2: Take your pain management medication as prescribed. If you are in too much pain you will be unable to engage in your rehabilitation exercises and the swelling could prohibit you from regaining full mobility and range of motion.

Recovery rule #3: Do your strength-training exercises. Evidence even shows that knee-strengthening exercises before surgery help to accelerate recovery.

Recovery rule #4: Support healing with nutrition. Supplementing with amino acids before and after knee surgery or hip replacement surgery has been proven to lessen muscle atrophy, increase functional mobility, and improve patient rehabilitation outcomes.

Introducing Heal

Our scientists have formulated and patented the precise blend of amino acids used in clinical trials to help reduce recovery times and improve physical function following surgery. Click one to find out more:



Leucine is the most abundant essential amino acid in muscle, where it promotes muscle growth and repair by assisting in protein synthesis. Moreover, leucine promotes the growth and repair of bone tissue, stimulates growth hormone production and insulin secretion, and speeds wound healing.



Isoleucine assists in blood clotting and wound healing. In addition, it is found in its highest concentrations in muscle tissue, where it helps regulate both energy and blood sugar levels, aids in muscle repair, and assists the body in recovering from strenuous exercise.



Threonine is a precursor of both serine and glycine, which are required for the creation of muscle tissue, collagen, and elastin. Moreover, Threonine helps support the cardiovascular, immune, and central nervous systems, helps build robust bones and tooth enamel, assists in the metabolism of fatty acids, promotes wound healing, and aids in the prevention of fat accumulation in the liver.



Valine is necessary for tissue repair, muscle metabolism, and blood sugar control. It also assists in supporting the immune and central nervous systems as well as normal cognitive function. Moreover, valine helps regulate the body’s nitrogen balance, which is an important indicator of overall health.

It’s more than 3 times more efficient at triggering muscle growth and repair than any protein source, including growth hormone and testosterone. And it improves physical function, strength, and mobility in people with normal age-related decline.

It’s also easy to take. Mix a scoop into 8 ounces of water, or your morning coffee or smoothie. Consistency is key. When using as part of your normal routine, take 1-2 scoops daily. For larger recovery needs, take 2-3 scoops twice daily.

See What People Are Saying About Heal

While results may vary, over 95% of clinical study participants reported less abdominal bloating, less heartburn, and improved digestion after taking Heal for 30 days, and our customers agree! Here's what some of our customers have said lately:

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4.95 out of 5 stars (1,769 reviews)

"Heal has been one of the best post workout products I have ever used - period. It's light and refreshing, so it doesn't upset my stomach, even after my hardest runs. More importantly, I notice less soreness and I'm able to bounce back much faster from hard workouts. Those little tweaks and pains I often feel to start runs the day after a hard workout are gone."

Jeff G., Runners Connect Founder

Top Positive Review

Courtney White

Heal Sour Apple

I purchased for injury recovery and have taken now twice daily for a week. Love the grape flavor and I feel good knowing I am doing all I can to hydrate and heal. Time will tell if it accelerates healing.

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Carina Witt

Heal Sour Apple

This product has the most satisfying taste for a workout drink. It's refreshing and it's easy to swallow. When I drink it, it hydrates my body so well. It alleviates muscle pains and reduces fatigue. This is really worth buying.

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