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About The Amino Company

Our secret's in the science

The Amino Company was founded by the world leaders in amino acid clinical research for the purpose of conducting cutting-edge medical research on amino-acid based products. Initial funding for the company came from National Institutes of Health (NIH) competitive research grants.

Our scientific team is driven by the simple idea that great science yields great products. We develop products only after successful clinical trial results confirm both product effectiveness and safety. Then, all ingredients are sourced for clinical purity and potency to ensure you receive the exact same benefits as seen in our trials.

We partner with leading research universities to conduct clinical trials of new amino acid products on human subjects. The results of this research are published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals and the data is made publicly available. You can also find these trials on our website, along with other supporting clinical trials conducted by independent 3rd parties.

Unique in every regard

All Amino Company products are either patented or patent-pending. In order to control quality, we don't license or sell our formulas to any other company. This way, you know that any product you purchase from us is the absolute best in every way, and unmatched by any competitor. 

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Phone: +1 (833)-264-6620
Email: info@aminoco.com

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