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Are you feeling a loss of strength, noticed muscle loss or wasting, or struggling with fatigue?

These are telltale indicators of cachexia.

According to experts, approximately 9 million people around the world have cachexia. A 2016 estimate placed the number of cachexia diagnoses among individuals admitted to hospitals in the United States at 160,000 per year.

Cachexia is the term used to describe the severe muscle wasting that accompanies a variety of conditions, including the natural aging process . The accompanying rapid loss of muscle mass can undermine a person's overall health and even shorten their lifespan.

What Are the Consequnces of Cachexia?

As cachexia progresses, it can seriously impact a person's overall health. Muscle wasting, in particular, can significantly decrease longevity. Cachexia correlates strongly with survival and measures of muscle strength have been shown to be one of the leading predictors of longevity.

In general, complications associated with cachexia include:

  • Impaired quality of life
  • Inability to live independently
  • Compromised immunity
  • Exacerbated symptoms of underlying disease
  • Shortened lifespan

The Cause of Cachexia

Cachexia is a complex condition with no single cause. The term comes from the Greek words "kakos," meaning bad, and "hexis," meaning condition—and indeed, those with cachexia are in overall bad condition. This makes it challenging not only to tease out the factors that cause cachexia, but also to define the condition clinically. Though Hippocrates is widely acknowledged as the first to describe cachexia, a formal medical definition—which includes the loss of 5% or more of a person's bodyweight over the course of a year as well as declining muscle strength—was not developed until 2006.

Scientists do know that in addition to altered levels of key bioactive substances, a primary force behind the development of cachexia is increased muscle protein breakdown which, in conjunction with decreased muscle protein synthesis, results in muscle atrophy, or muscle loss.

Other processes known to contribute to cachexia include systemic inflammation and elevated energy expenditure.

A number of factors contribute to cachexia, including the levels of these substances, the conditions that cause them, and the reaction they provoke from the body.

Cachexia commonly develops during the last stages of serious diseases. That means individuals with the following conditions are all at risk of developing cachexia as their diseases progress:

  • Cancer, in particular, cancers of the lung, pancreas, and stomach
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • Crohn's disease
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • HIV
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis

How to Treat Cachexia?

According to doctors, dietitians, and other experts, the following steps can be valuable parts of a cachexia treatment plan.

Adopt an eating approach centered on small, frequent meals: While an increased caloric intake alone will not cure cachexia, it's vital that individuals with cachexia consume as many nutrient-dense calories as they can tolerate. Most find it preferable to eat small portions of high-calorie meals throughout the day rather than three larger meals. It can also be helpful to add nutritional supplement drinks as between-meal snacks.

Emphasize the social elements of eating: Even if eating itself holds little attraction, individuals with cachexia can still draw enjoyment from gathering together to eat a meal. Encouraging a person with cachexia to focus on mealtime socialization can help recalibrate the relationship to food.

Educate the emotional support system: As cachexia and the underlying diseases associated with it progress, patients may entirely lose the desire to eat. This can be upsetting for family and friends, who may feel strong urges to compel them to eat. It's important to understand that eating will not halt muscle wasting and weight loss. When patients reach this stage, prioritize their overall quality of life rather than caloric intake.

Try appetite stimulant medications: Certain medicines can stimulate the appetite. Eating more will not change the progression of the disease; however, it can be beneficial in that patients feel more integrated into familial and social interactions, which in turn improves mental health.

Engage in light exercise: If a person has the energy to do so, some believe that light exercise can help build muscle mass. That said, this hypothesis has yet to be fully substantiated.

Supplement strategically with Amino Acids: It has been proven that precise combinations of essential amino acids can be used to trigger muscle protein synthesis in the body. The result is has been shown to decrease muscle fasting and improve energy levels and overall strength. The use of amino acids to treat cachexia should include a well-formulated blend of essential amino acids. This ensures the body has all the raw materials necessary to carry out muscle protein synthesis at the highest rate possible.

Introducing Life

Our world-leading scientists have formulated and patented the precise blend of amino acids proven to trigger muscle growth and repair more than 3x more efficiently than any protein source. This is the exact same formula that is used in major clinical trials showing strong benefits without any negative side effects.



Leucine is the most abundant essential amino acid in muscle, where it promotes muscle growth and repair by assisting in protein synthesis. It makes uniquely significant contributions to the muscle maintenance and growth processes within the human body. It can dramatically influence your body's ability to retain and increase lean muscle mass as you age.



Isoleucine is found in its highest concentrations in muscle tissue, where it helps regulate both energy and blood sugar levels, aids in muscle repair, and assists the body in recovering from strenuous exercise.



Threonine is a precursor of both serine and glycine, which are required for the creation of muscle tissue, collagen, and elastin. Moreover, Threonine helps support the cardiovascular, immune, and central nervous systems, helps build robust bones and tooth enamel, assists in the metabolism of fatty acids, promotes wound healing, and aids in the prevention of fat accumulation in the liver.



Valine is necessary for tissue repair, muscle metabolism, and blood sugar control. It also assists in supporting the immune and central nervous systems as well as normal cognitive function. Moreover, valine helps regulate the body’s nitrogen balance, which is an important indicator of overall health.



Histidine is used by the body to make specific hormones and metabolites that impact kidney function, transmission of nerves, stomach secretions, and the immune system. Histidine also has an impact on the repair and growth of tissue, making blood cells and helping to protect nerve cells. A primary function of histidine in the body is to regulate and help metabolize (break down and use for energy) trace elements.



Lysine is important for normal growth and muscle turnover and used to form carnitine, a substance found in most cells of your body. What’s more, it helps transport fats across your cells to be burned for energy.



In addition to being a building block for proteins, Methionine has several other unique features. One of these is its ability to be converted into important sulfur-containing molecules. Sulfur-containing molecules have a variety of functions, including the protection of your tissues, modifying your DNA and maintaining proper functioning of your cells. Additionally, methionine plays a critical role in starting the process of making new proteins inside your cells, something that is continuously occurring as older proteins break down.

Our patented formula Life is more than 3 times more powerful at stimulating muscle growth and repair than any protein source. And it helps individuals with cachexia maintain and even increase their muscle mass. It has been proven in clinical trials to help improve physical function, even in the absence of diet or exercise.

It’s also easy to take. Mix a scoop into 8 ounces of water, or your morning coffee or smoothie. Consistency is key. Maintain a healthy body for the long haul by making amino acids part of your daily routine.

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