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Amino Acids

The Low-Down on Conditionally Essential Amino A...

Curious about conditionally essential amino acids? In this article, we’re going to explore this special group of amino acids and uncover everything you need to know about who they are, what they do, and why they’re important to overall health.

What Do Amino Acids Do? Their Role in the Human...

The main role of amino acids in the human body is as components of body proteins, but amino acids serve many additional functions. Certain amino acids serve as neurotransmitters. Others play a direct part in the regulation of blood flow and blood pressure. Amino acids also support immune function and detoxification!

What Are Amino Acids?

You know amino acids make crucial contributions to your health. You may even know that dietary protein forms the most significant source of amino acids for most individuals. But can you answer the question: "What are amino acids?"

The 9 Essential Amino Acids and Why We Need Them

Your body can make many amino acids on its own, but there are 9 essential amino acids you need to eat! Your body uses these amino acids to build the proteins that make up your tissues and organs and regulate the vast majority of physiological functions. Let's cover them one by one.