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The Amino Company Affiliate Program

If you are passionate about making people healthier and want to earn some extra money selling our clinically proven products, the Amino Company Affiliate Program allows you to earn revenue quickly and easily through your website, blog, or e-newsletter. Our affiliate program also accommodates the traditional sales model of in-person sales.

The Amino Company eStore is the primary online destination for our products, however we can custom code landing pages to meet your specific requirements.

Amino Company Affiliates earn a commission on all sales that are referred to the The Amino Company eStore from a link placed on your site. You’re paid the first time a customer visits to make a purchase and for any subsequent tracked purchases that a customer makes for up to 30 days. With an average order size over $100, your commissions quickly add up.

The Amino Company Affiliate Program is managed through our internal affiliate tracking software. The easy-to-use platform offers you 24-hour access to reporting and creative, including ad banners and text links. We can also provide you with necessary clinical trial data to ensure your ad accounts are compliant and always in good standing.

If you'd like to sell directly to customers via offline sales channels, we will provide you with a unique customer code that your customers enter at checkout. The code gives customers a discount on their entire purchase, and you will get paid for all sales made with your specific coupon code. Given The Amino Company's popularity with health clinics, hospitals, and gyms, this is a huge opportunity to scale up a large number of repeatable sales in a short time.

Do you run a website that focuses on health, fitness, vegetarian living, aging, or sports topics? If so, The Amino Company would likely be a great fit for your content. Likewise, if you are a health professional or passionate about health and wellness and want to learn more about the science of amino acids, we'd also be a great match.

Our products span a broad range of consumer demographics, so you will likely find success if you are passionate about The Amino Company brand and the science behind it.

Competitive, tiered-commission structure for bloggers, coupon, and eCommerce sites.

  • 30-day return cookie
  • Average order size of $100
  • Dedicated affiliate manager

We work with offline sales methods as well!

Send an email at jesse@aminoco.com, cynthya@aminoco.com. Give a brief overview of your background and an idea of how you plan to sell Amino Company products. Your email will be quickly reviewed so you begin earning commissions fast.

For questions about our Affiliate Program, contact us at jesse@aminoco.com, cynthya@aminoco.com.

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