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Michael B.

Reason for Use: focus and energy at work; muscle strength and endurance in the gym

How I used the products: "I take 1 scoop in the morning to get my day started. If I feel a little sluggish around midday, I might have another scoop. Then, I have a scoop before hitting the gym in the evening."

My results: "My energy is consistently up, which is great. It's very different from the temporary boost you get from an energy drink... this is a constant feeling of alertness, and my muscles are practically begging for exercise. I'm able to do more reps in the gym, and I've increased my lifts by 20%"

Lori D.

Reason for Use: Maintain muscle strength, heart health, and overall physical function as I age

How I used the products: "I take 2 scoops every morning."

My results: "I physically feel better. It's as simple as that. I worried about slowing down with age, and I want to travel a bit and don't want to be in pain. Since taking Life I feel better on a daily basis, and I'm really happy knowing I'm doing everything I can for my heart."

Mary Y.

Reason for Use: Tennis injury (pulled calf muscle)


How I used the products: "I took 2 scoops twice a day, usually once in the morning and once in the evening. After my injury recovered, I reduced to 1 scoop per day."


My results: "I feared the worst when I felt a sudden pain in my lower leg, but things really worked out well once I started taking Heal.  My recovery went by fairly quickly, and I was able to rehab sooner than expected. My doctor was really impressed with my progress! Today I feel great, and I still take 1 scoop per day because I like the way it make me feel."

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