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Chocolate Squash Smoothie

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Healing is hard on the body, whether it’s healing from surgery, injury, or a tough workout. When healing necessitates prolonged inactivity your muscles take a hit. And if you aren’t supplying your body with the amino acids it needs to build and repair muscle tissue, then your muscle health can decline rapidly.

Never fear, because Heal is here, and it’s brought along a few of its curative pals, like banana, butternut squash, and cacao. Whip it all together and what do you have? A decadent chocolate smoothie that will help you maintain your muscles and recover faster so you can be back at it in no time.

Ready to taste the riches of this Chocolate Squash Smoothie? Let’s start blending!

Keeping You Healthy With…

Butternut squash: Satisfying 457% of your daily vitamin A needs and 52% of your daily vitamin C needs, butternut squash promotes immune function, collagen production, tissue regeneration, and wound healing. Meanwhile, manganese, potassium, and magnesium lend a helping hand to bone health, and vitamin E supports with overall antioxidant protection.

Cocoa: Rich and decadent, cocoa supports your healing efforts by lowering inflammation and blood pressure and improving blood flow as well as blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Your heart and brain will thank you, and your mood will improve because, well...chocolate.

Cacao nibs: Take away your hunger pangs with bitter sweet cacao nibs, plentiful in protein, fiber, and the healthiest of fats. Cacao nibs are celebrated for their high flavonoid content that helps lower your risk of heart disease, dementia, and certain cancers. Eating chocolate was never such an act of wellness!

Banana: Pectin and resistant starch in unripe bananas aid digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels, so opt for an unripe banana in this creamy chocolate smoothie. Potassium in bananas helps to calm muscle aches and soreness, whether from exercise or injury, and they also give your kidneys a leg up.

Amino Co. Heal: One scoop of Chocolate Heal seals the deal with taste and helps you heal faster from injuries. How? By reducing inflammation and promoting tissue repair with an optimized profile of essential amino acids. For best results, supplement with one scoop of Heal 30 days before surgery and every day thereafter to speed healing.

Milk: Keep your bones healthy and happy with a glass of vitamin-D rich milk, a complete protein to help protect your muscles in times of inactivity and bed rest. If you are lactose intolerant or have dietary restrictions, then substitute in some oat or almond milk.

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