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Matcha Honey Latte

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There’s no coffee in this chilled honey latte. The caffeine comes courtesy of matcha powder, which is also high in antioxidants called catechins that help protect against chronic disease and keep your cells healthy.

We’ve added all the other ingredients that make lattes so luxurious—like honey and vanilla protein powder—and made it more nutritious. Then we thickened it with frozen cauliflower. Unsweetened almond milk ensures the creamy consistency you’d expect from a latte, and bee pollen gives it an extra nutritional kick.

This chilled Matcha Honey Latte is a treat for every season. Drink up!

Keeping You Healthy With…

Matcha powder: Higher in caffeine and catechin antioxidants than green tea, matcha powder protects your cells from damage and you from chronic disease. The nutrients in matcha have also been shown to lower levels of liver enzymes. We’re also giving matcha a shoutout for the boost it gives to attention and memory. Way to go matcha!

Bee pollen: We’ve got another liver health winner! Bee pollen also helps relieve inflammation, strengthens the immune system, and speeds healing with a distinct array of nutrients. Worth putting inside and on top of your Matcha Honey Latte.

Almond milk: Stick with the unsweetened kind to keep your sugar load light and you’re meeting 37% of your daily vitamin E requirements, which is all the sweetness you need! Naturally lactose free, dairy free, and vegan, almond milk doesn’t provide protein like milk does, but you’re getting your essential amino acids in a scoop of Heal so for the purposes of this latte, you’re covered!

Cauliflower: As a cruciferous vegetable, cauliflower protects against chronic disease like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, but it’s also actively lowering inflammation and fighting free radicals with every bite. Cauliflower is often given props for its high concentration of brain-boosting choline, which you can’t get from many other foods.

Honey: A drizzle of honey provides a jolt of antioxidant power that can help protect your eyes, your heart, and your immune system. We’re talking about the power to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, even triglycerides. That’s the type of sweet we can get behind.

Amino Co. Heal: If you’ve got a surgery coming up, keep Heal at your bedside, because it’s been clinically proven to improve physical strength and function and accelerate muscle tissue repair and growth. Flavor up your honey latte however you’d like, but we prefer Vanilla Heal with ours!

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