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Citrus fruits naturally contain powerful antioxidants like vitamin C, and the liquid concentrate of grapefruit seed extract gives you an extra strong dose of those antioxidants. Antioxidants are so valued because they guard against free radicals in the body that cause oxidative stress damage and can lead to premature aging, poor health, opportunistic infections, and serious chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

The chemical makeup of grapefruit seed extract includes vitamin E, polyphenols, flavonoids, and essential oils, each one of which acts as an antioxidant defender for your health. For example, naringin is a plant compound (aka phytonutrient) found in grapefruit seed extract that is responsible for its bitter taste, but also responsible for guarding living tissue from radiation damage in mice model clinical trials.

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The chemical compounds found in grapefruit seed extract can kill over 65 known types of bacterial and yeast infection strains. Those studies show that in laboratory settings GSE performs better against fungal infections than some antifungal medications like nystatin.

Grapefruit seed extract is able to kill bacterium by compromising their outer membranes, breaking them down until the microbes bust open (sometimes as quickly as 15 minutes after contact). That is some ruthless defense against dangerous, invading bacteria, and it can do essentially the same thing to yeast cells. Grapefruit seed extract triggers apoptosis in yeast, causing the cells to self-destruct. You might be reminded of an M. Night Shyamalan movie right now, and you wouldn’t be very far off at all.

These amazing results happened in lab studies, but people still consume grapefruit seed extract products for these benefits, even if scientists can’t promise these powers will work at full strength when ingested as a dietary supplement.

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Thanks to GSE’s merciless ability to kill bacteria, research has been conducted to see if it can help treat urinary tract infections (UTIs). For those who experience recurring UTIs, any help is appreciated, and one study found that consuming 6 grapefruit seeds every 8 hours for a period of 2 weeks effectively treated UTIs in some of the participants. Though it’s not a magic bullet and more human studies are needed for a scientific consensus, if downing some grapefruit seeds with a glass of water could help avoid or shorten UTI treatments, it may well be worth trying.

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Many people have issues with either ulcers or stomach acid damage, and animal studies have shown that GSE supplementation can help protect the stomach lining from injury caused by stress or alcohol. Grapefruit seed extract is effective because it increases blood flow to the stomach lining and shields it from free radical damage.

Not only that, but grapefruit seed extract’s antimicrobial powers may be at it again, effectively killing off the H. pylori bacterium, which researchers believe is a key player in the development of stomach ulcers. Consult a health care professional if you have ulcers to ask if GSE might be right for you, and also to make sure there are no prohibitive drug interactions.

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