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Online Hybrid Fitness Classes

Working out in a hybrid fitness class

Fitness can be boring. The same cardio class or weight circuit, over and over again. It’s not just your brain getting sick of the same ole, your muscles do too. They crave new exercises that challenge them in different ways. And that’s what hybrid fitness classes are all about.

Hybrid fitness takes two totally different exercise modalities—it could be running on a treadmill and meditation, or yoga and boxing—and combines them into one multipurpose class, typically an hour or less.

Hybrid fitness classes focus on efficiency and saving time, so you can target multiple muscles and fitness goals. Cities like NYC, LA, and San Francisco are leading the charge with innovative hybrid fitness classes, but you don’t have to live in a metropolis to gain access. Here are our favorite online fitness classes you can do anytime, anywhere!

5 Online Hybrid Fitness Classes We Love

Your at-home fitness journey!

1. Piloxing 

Low-impact Pilates focuses on core strength, posture, and balance. Boxing and dance get your heart rate up and calorie-burning on alert while improving coordination. You get them all—Pilates, boxing, and dance—in a single Piloxing class. If it’s a spirited hybrid workout you’re after that will give you a long and lean look, try out an on-demand or livestream Piloxing class. 

You can find out more about these online fitness classes here.

2. YAS

YAS stands for yoga + spinning, and it’s a combination of strength training and cardio for a full-body workout. You’ll start with 30 minutes of spinning, followed by 30 minutes of yoga while your muscles are all warmed up.

Studio Sweat onDemand offers Spin, Strength, and Yoga classes. You get a bonus 15-minute weight-training set for those of you who are free weights fans.  

You can find out more and get access to their live streaming and on-demand classes here.

3. TRX

Developed by a Navy SEAL, TRX stands for Total Resistance exercises and utilizes suspension training equipment that builds strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. It becomes a hybrid workout when you combine with other exercise modalities, like Pilates or spinning. 

Studio Sweat onDemand also has TRX hybrid classes, like a high-intensity total body TRX HIIT class and a hybrid ride TRX class. You can explore classes here.

4. Yoga-Barre

Intrinsically complementary, hybrid fitness classes that combine yoga and barre are accessible for all fitness levels and a low-impact way to build long, lean muscles alongside flexibility and strength. You don’t need a ballet barre to participate in a barre class. You can invest in an upright weighted bar for under $30.

To stretch and strengthen with others in a group fitness class, check out ShaktiBarre, a full-body yoga-barre workout that also incorporates meditation. You can live stream or work out on demand. Visit ShaktiBarre here.

5. SLT

The acronym stands for strengthen, lengthen, tone, and this hybrid training program makes all three possible using a modified Pilates machine called the Megaformer. But now you can exercise at home without equipment with SLT at Home On Demand. You have your pick of workout classes, all of which activate your slow-twitch fibers that promote endurance and strength. 

Sign up for a workout routine you won’t want to miss here.

Make It Easier with EAAs

Have you ever tried to slog through a bootcamp or Crossfit class on an empty stomach? It doesn't matter which interval training or hybrid fitness program you choose, any personal trainer will tell you that you have to fuel up your training sessions with the right nutrients. And science shows that the nutrients needed for a workout, be it strength training or cardio, are essential amino acids (EAAs).

Every time you engage in exercise your muscles aren’t used to, some muscle damage occurs. And this unfamiliar stress leads to microscopic tears in the muscles. Taking EAAs before and during a workout has been proven to help increase muscle protein synthesis and accelerate recovery to a far greater degree than other muscle-building supplements on the market.

That's because when EAAs are taken as part of a dietary protein, they aren't absorbed as well. Taking free-form amino acid supplements is the most effective way to optimize muscle health and overall wellness.

We've developed an essential amino acid formula in the precise ratios of EAAs needed to :

  • Increase peak strength and endurance levels during exercise
  • Improve cognitive function, focus, and concentration
  • Decrease recovery time by quickly rebuilding muscle tissue

You can find out more about Amino Co's Athletic Performance supplement here.

Top online hybrid fitness classes



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