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T-Lymphocytes: How Your T-Cells Save Your Life

You may have heard vaguely about the importance of T-lymphocyte or T-cells in your immune system, but how do they function? Find out how closely linked amino acids like glutamine, methionine, and leucine are to your immune system response and the utilization of T-lymphocyte cells to fight diseases and cancer.

Breaking Down the Organic Acid Test, Step by Step

By measuring levels of over 70 metabolites, the organic acid test allows individuals to better understand their overall health. The OAT can help identify the underlying causes of frustrating health issues, thereby forming the foundation for the creation of a highly individualized treatment plan.

How to Lengthen Telomeres—and Why You Should

Shortening of telomeres plays a vital role in cellular division and the aging process, which has led to intense interest in how to lengthen telomeres. Research indicates that both telomerase therapy and RNA treatments could possibly be effective interventions, however, it will likely be some time before those treatments become available to the public. In the meantime, a new study points to amino acids as a possible method for enhancing the health of your telomeres.

Understanding Autophagy: Loose Skin, Chronic Di...

Maximize the ability of autophagy, a cellular cleansing process, to prevent loose skin after weight loss, chronic diseases, and even cancer. Read on to learn about the science behind autophagy as well as how it can help those on weight-loss journeys.

Telomeres and Aging: How Do These Structures He...

Telomeres cap our chromosomes, protect our DNA from damage, and could be the key to human longevity. Find out about the connection between telomeres and aging.

How Can I Increase My Concentration and Focus?

There are proven ways you can increase your concentration and boost focus through a combination of nutrition, complementary health practices, and some simple lifestyle changes.

What to Look for in a Memory Test and 5 Healthy...

The Internet is filled with websites offering an online memory test, and while these tests may help you identify a problem, you need to see a neurologist for a legitimate memory test that can give you the answers you are seeking. In the meantime, there are ways you can improve memory and overall cognitive function with dietary and lifestyle changes.

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits More Than Just Your Skin

Countless beauty products tout hyaluronic acid’s ability to fight acne, age spots, and wrinkles. But hyaluronic acid benefits extend far beyond topical skin care.

How to Meditate Like a Master, and Why You Shou...

When it comes to meditation, there’s a helpful set of practical steps you can take to achieve greatness. Why not put them to use? Here’s how to meditate like a master.