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Magic Muscle Smoothie

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You work hard for your muscles. How about fueling up with a workout smoothie that will help your muscles work just as hard for you?

Our Magic Muscle Smoothie is the perfect smoothie to fuel up with before a workout and recover with after. Your muscles are begging for protein, fluids, electrolytes, and antioxidants to perform at their peak. Plain yogurt and 2 scoops of Amino Co Life offer up muscle-building protein; orange juice, mango, and mixed berries provide energizing antioxidants; and 2 full bananas provide electrolyte energy so you can have a great workout, recover quickly, and do it all again tomorrow!

Keeping You Healthy With…

Orange juice: No need for a sports drink full of artificial sweeteners and refined sugar. In a workout smoothie, orange juice provides vitamins and minerals for energy and hydration, and quick-digesting carbs to restock glycogen stores in your muscles.

Peaches: These stone fruits help regulate muscle and heart contractions because they’re high in potassium, a nutrient that also helps protect against stroke and osteoporosis. At 333 milligrams a peach, you’re fulfilling 10% of your potassium requirements.

Mixed berries: Why are berries so colorful? Because they contain anthocyanins. And anthocyanins boost blood flow and lower inflammation after an intense workout, which is why they take center stage in our Magic Muscle Smoothie.

Mango: Hulk up with mango, rich in quercetin that can help protect skeletal muscle when it’s not getting enough blood sent to it. With over 20 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, mango helps protect against oxidative damage and provides energy with glycogen-replenishing carbs.

Bananas: Proper muscle contraction depends on the electrolytes potassium and magnesium, of which banana has plenty—13% and 9% respectively. Along with calcium, these nutrients also help keep muscle cramps at bay. Great news when you don’t want to cramp your workout!

Plain yogurt: The protein in plain yogurt helps promote muscle recovery after strenuous activity and contributes to muscle growth. It also boosts metabolism, protects the bones, and nourishes the gut with probiotics. If you aren’t resistant to dairy, yogurt makes for a worthwhile addition to a workout smoothie.

Amino Co Life: Clinical trials show that Life improves physical function and muscle strength, optimizes blood lipid profiles, and supports heart health. There’s no age-related muscle loss on Life’s watch, and in orange flavor it provides delicious refreshment that can’t be topped.

Bee pollen: Studies show that bee pollen may help boost the absorption of nutrients. It also has been found to encourage muscle growth, quicken metabolism, and potentially increase life span. And it’s easy to sprinkle in the benefits!

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