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Sour Apple Smoothie

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Got a taste for something sour and nutritious? Then pucker up, because you’ll love our Sour Apple Smoothie, featuring Granny Smith apples and Amino Co Heal in sour apple flavor. The essential amino acids in Heal provide the protein your body needs to build and maintain muscle, calm excess inflammation, and reduce muscle soreness from injury, exercise, or surgery. Apples boost immunity and protect against illness with potent antioxidants. Both are joined by anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant-rich bananas, pineapple, flax seeds, and spinach.

We’ve added a little something extra to this Sour Apple Smoothie...spirulina! Did you know that gram-for-gram spirulina may just be the most nutrient-dense food on the planet? We’re not leaving your health to chance with this disease-fighting smoothie.

Creamy and tart for your taste pleasure. You’re welcome!

    Keeping You Healthy With…

    Granny Smith apple: Vitamin C strengthens immunity and fiber keeps you full, making Granny Smiths a well-rounded inclusion to your Sour Apple Smoothie. Apples also contain lignans and polyphenols that can help prevent tumor cell proliferation.

    Banana: Eating bananas has been shown to help lower colorectal cancer risk. If gastrointestinal issues have you all stopped up, bananas can help with that too and give you a jolt of energy as an extra bonus.

    Amino Co Heal: When injury, surgery, or illness has you down, Heal helps you get back up by improving health outcomes and accelerating recovery. Heal is designed to protect against excessive inflammation and improve physical strength and function during the most stressful of times. And it comes in sour apple flavor for smoothie perfection!

    Flax seeds: Rich in the essential fatty acid ALA, flax seeds are also high in vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and copper. Flax seeds are known for their concentration of lignans, plant polyphenols that can inhibit tumor growth.

    Wakame seaweed: This edible seaweed is high in iodine, a nutrient that nearly 2 billion people worldwide are deficient in. In fact, wakame meets 280% of our daily iodine needs! It’s been touted as a friend to the heart and the thyroid and is so low calorie it suits nearly every weight-loss regimen.

    Celtic sea salt: A concentrated source of trace minerals, Celtic sea salt helps balance electrolytes so you stay hydrated. It also supports brain, muscle, and nervous system health and helps to regulate heart rate and blood pressure. Let’s just say it gives salt a good name.

    Pineapple: This tropical sweet treat is well known for containing bromelain, the extract of which has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory (by stimulating white blood cells), and anti-cancer activity. Pineapple also offers up 131% of the RDI for vitamin C in just 1 cup!

    Spinach: A vegetable that cannot be ignored, spinach is rich in vitamins C,K, and A, and minerals like iron, manganese, and magnesium. It’s good for the eyes, the heart, and immunity, and has yet to be outdone by trendy superfoods.

    Milk: We use milk in our Sour Apple Smoothie to mellow out the sour and add a creamy base. Almond milk or another vegetarian milk substitute would work just fine, but, as essential amino acid buffs, we’re fans of milk’s high protein content.

    Spirulina: With 4 grams of protein and B vitamins, copper, and iron support, spirulina shines in the nutrient department. In fact, gram for gram it might just be the most nutritious food on the planet. Spirulina helps keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check, and has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties to boot!

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