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Are You Exercising Too Much?

If you’re dedicated to exercise, you may be overexercising, and not even know it…especially if you are trying to lose weight or are an amateur or competitive athlete. So, are you exercising too much? Read on to find out!

Should I Take Amino Acids Pre-Workout?

The before, during, or after debate on amino acids for working out can leave you utterly confused as to when you should take your amino acid supplement. I’ll cover the details, but the quick and easy answer to the question should I take amino acids pre-workout is yes!

Should You Take an Ornithine Supplement for Mus...

Visit any bodybuilding forum on the web and you’ll see mention of ornithine and its athletic performance-enhancing and muscle-building benefits. But is an ornithine supplement the best amino acid supplement for muscle building?

A Personal Reflection on Exercise for Older Adults

As we grow older, physical activity and strength training must be tempered with modifications to keep us both strong and safe. Exercise for older adults should be carefully structured, diligently performed, and supplemented with essential amino acids.

Key Facts About EAA Supplements and Resistance ...

Together, resistance exercise and EAAs can stimulate muscle protein synthesis greater than they can alone. Increasing muscle strength and mass requires a close interaction between exercise, daily diet, and EAA supplementation. Let’s take it step by step.

Resistance Exercise: Muscle Strength, Muscle Ma...

Want to increase muscle strength, muscle mass, and muscle definition? EAA supplementation can help! Just as your training will differ depending on your performance goals, so, too, will your optimal nutrition program, including the formulation of your EAA supplements, which will help you build muscle fast.

BCAA Amino Acids: What You Should Know About Th...

The acronym "BCAA" stands for branched-chain amino acids. Read on to learn about the science behind the much-hyped beneficial effects of BCAA amino acids, including crucial information on how to maximize the impact of increased BCAA intake.

How to Combine EAA Supplements with Aerobic Exe...

Are there any advantages to consuming EAA supplements or BCAA supplements before aerobic exercise? Here's what you need to know in order to combine essential amino acid (EAA) supplements with aerobic exercise for maximum benefits.