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Protein in a Protein Bar: Is It Really Good for...

We recently exposed all the unfavorable ingredients hanging out in some of the most popular energy bars. Do protein bars fare any better, or are they just candy bars in disguise? Let’s find out what’s behind the protein in a protein bar and then you make the call!

Are Energy Bars Healthy?

When it comes to a convenient pre-workout pick-me-up, energy bars are a favorite. But do energy bars really give you a leg up in the energy department? And are energy bars even healthy? We’re answering these questions and more.

7 Proven Ways to Recover from Exercise Faster

Don’t let muscle soreness and burnout steal you away from your training program. Here are 7 proven ways to recover from exercise faster. And they promote total body-mind wellness!

Allergic to Soy? Try These Food Substitutes

You don’t tend to realize that soy is everywhere until you’ve identified soy as the culprit behind your uncomfortable allergy symptoms. Let’s learn a bit more about what’s causing your soy allergy, as well food substitutes to try when you are allergic to soy.

Pea Protein Benefits You Can Count On

Pea protein has become the darling of plant-based protein powders because it’s vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free, and free of the most common food allergens. In this article, we’re covering the pea protein benefits you can count on, and offering up alternatives when pea protein falls short.

Do BCAAs Break a Fast?

If you are taking BCAAs as a supplement, you are likely an athlete or bodybuilder looking to maximize your workouts, recover faster, and build muscle. You may also be interested in fasting as a way to burn fat and increase lean muscle mass. Do BCAAs break a fast? Let’s explore.

The Importance of Essential Amino Acids While F...

There’s some debate around the topic of consuming essential amino acids while fasting. Does it break a fast? Reduce the benefits of fasting? Or support your health, fitness, and weight-loss goals while fasting? Let’s find out!

How to Increase Amino Acids in Your Diet for Mi...

Boosting protein intake isn’t as easy as eating foods high in protein. There is protein quality and digestibility to take into account. And because protein is so satiating, it can adversely affect the rest of your appetite and lead to nutrient insufficiencies. Increase your body’s concentration of amino acids with the following tips.

Is Cheese a Complete Protein?

Cheese and other dairy products are terrific sources of protein because they are complete proteins containing the appropriate balance of the nine essential amino acids. We've got the breakdown of cheese protein in this article and the secret tip for getting all the protein you need, without the fat!