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Chocolatey Peppermint Protein Smoothie

Peppermint takes center stage in this peppermint protein smoothie. Chocolate protein powder and cacao nibs lend their own health benefits for a tasty wellness morning shake!

5 Easy-to-Make Protein Powder Recipes

These high-protein sweet treats join keto protein snacks and meal replacement shakes as your go-to, easy-to-make protein powder recipes. Essential amino acids never tasted so good!

Chocolate Red Eye Slushie

This Chocolate Red Eye Slushie is not for caffeine beginners. It’s supercharged, long-lasting, can't-stop-won't-stop energy. Can you handle it?

Cashew Coconut Latte

Made with cold brew and protein powder, our heart healthy Coconut Cashew Latte tastes like...well, luxury. Stay energized and protected with this coconut cashew latte any time, any day. 

Mocha Peanut Butter Cold Brew Slush

Did you wake up feeling dull and listless? Low in energy and mood? We have just the thing to perk you up! Our Mocha Peanut Butter Cold Brew Slush energizes your body and mind with tasty chocolate and peanut butter.

Healthy High Protein Banana Bread Recipe and Wh...

Banana bread is like most baked items—where it falls on the health vs. harm spectrum depends on the quality of its ingredients. If it’s made wisely, like Amino Co’s high protein banana bread recipe, it can be celebrated for both taste and nutritional value.

Blackberry Mint Julep Protein Smoothie

Are you dragging before a workout and flagging midway through? Then our Blackberry Mint Julep smoothie is just the smoothie for you!

Berry Delicious Cauliflower Smoothie

Fuel your next cardio or strength training session with our Berry Delicious Cauliflower Smoothie and we bet you’ll have your best workout ever.

Sour Apple Smoothie

Got a taste for something sour and nutritious? Then pucker up, because you’ll love our protein-rich Sour Apple Smoothie.